35x optical synchronized zoom function between camera and laser light for close tracking of moving objects with daylight and complete dark, with advanced defog function for ensuring visibility in fog or smoke. The camera can recognize license plates upto 300 meter at night in complete dark situation.

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The company, o2ones Inc. was established in July 2016, under the slogan "ICT & BETTER LIFE". We value the human's lives and their assets and we have developed the laser based long distance defog camera. o2ones Inc tries not only to produce products that satisfy the customers, but also creating healthy minded people and companies that can be recognized by society. Our product is one of the best surveillance camera which can give long distance night view as well as defog view. We o2ones Inc. will not stay on the current stage and will try our best to become one of the world class network product manufacturers with continuous R&D activities including AI and superior service for our customers.

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Career Opportunity: We are looking for talented people for our company.

4차 산업과 국방

Seoul Seminar: o2ones was invited for a conference to show their product in Korea.

Export Abroad: o2ones is ready to export their camera to worldwide from 2021.